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Document Women is a curative media platform focused on combating the erasure of women and their contributions to history. We seek to immortalise the impact of women in society past and present by creating engaging feminist content and using multiple media channels to represent women’s struggles, experiences, accomplishments, and legacies. Through our documentaries, articles, and podcasts, we have a goal to amplify women’s voices.


Sexist tropes - The one where we’re all called saints
Underage Helps, Child Labour, Modern Day Slavery and Classed Feminism
We aim to inspire global yet localized conversations on feminist issues using a gendered lens to simplify the complex domino effects of the inequality fueled by the patriarchy. We are committed to fostering inclusive representation of women in the media, building a community of young well-informed feminists and equipping consumers with the information to advocate for gender equality. We are rewriting history, one woman at a time.
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