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As we celebrate the maternal figures in our lives today, the Document Women Book club has picked 7 books on the delights and struggles of Mothers and Motherhood,  that offer varying perspectives on what it means to be a Mother that we know you would love! Motherhood is often sold as an endless loop of…

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Taliban Government Shall Force Afghan Women To Wear Face Veils.

For the first time in decades, women in Afghanistan will face mandatory use of face veils or get punished.  This comes as another development on women's rights since the conservative insurgent group Taliban, took over power in Afghanistan in 2021. In a report by the BBC, any woman who refuses to comply and wear a…

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Are you moral because of your religious beliefs?

What does morality mean? Does it exist outside your religious beliefs? How do your perceptions of morality impact your relationships? In examining how different people view morality and how it applies in their lives, Document Women spoke to three women with varying moral codes on how it shapes their lives and interactions.  Morality; principles concerning…

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Some people may find it redundant to read books of movies they have already watched, but as someone who loves to read, I’m here to tell you that  books are always better. In this article, Document Women will be discussing some book to screen adaptations, that in my opinion have been more popular over the…

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Kiki Mordi Hosts UNESCO Panel for World Press Freedom Day.

Every May 3rd, journalists around the world celebrate World Press Freedom Day. It is a day set aside to honour the right to free speech and to advocate for journalists who have been jailed or suffered state-sanctioned repression whilst doing their jobs. This year, Document Women's co-founder and Creative Director Kiki Mordi, hosted a panel…

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#RoeVsWade: American Supreme Court Impedes Abortion Rights.

The Supreme Court of America has voted to overrule the landmark decision that came from the #RoeVsWade abortion case. According to a report by Politico, the vote happened as a result of a draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito.  The draft opinion sought to repudiate the original ruling of the 1973 #RoeVsWade case which…

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Around The World in 5

Against all odds, love thrives.  This week, Document Women gathered stories on love; in the face of religion, incarceration, for womankind and for ambition.  United States of America  As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close and Muslims prepare to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, LGBTQ Muslims say they often feel left out, ostracized or…

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Creating support groups for women in Tech

It’s hard to believe that tech used to be considered a female-dominated space, with how much things have changed in the last few decades. Today, women often feel alienated as a lot of policies which affect women working in tech, from hiring to career advancement, are largely influenced by gender stereotypes. Women working in…

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#JusticeForOchanya: Contradictory Judgements From State and Federal Court.

On Thursday 28th April, a verdict was given on the case of Ochanya Ogbanje, the 13 year old schoolgirl whose death from rape in 2018 created the hashtag #JusticeForOchanya. The Benue State High Court in Makurdi acquitted Mr. Andrew Ogbuja against the charge of rape.  A lecturer at Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo, he had been…

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