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Ukraine: UN Women Says 83% of Women Fleeing With At Least One Child.

The United Nations Women (UN Women) has said that 83 per cent of women fleeing the ongoing war in Ukraine are doing so with at least one child.

This was announced in a post on Linkedin where they also said that work is in progress with their partners in Ukraine to provide Ukrainian women with all the support they currently need.

The Ukrainian war began in February and saw the Ukrainian president refuse men of draftable age from fleeing the country to seek refuge in other countries. This inadvertently means that most of the people fleeing Ukraine are women and children.

In addition to women and children, there has also been a mass fleeing of African students from Ukraine as well. This has seen some of them document the racist experiences endured at the borders while trying to leave.

For example, Al Jazeera reported how Nigerian student Alexander Somto Orah(@nzekiev), not only documented his experience trying to leave Ukraine but also provided resources to other African students.

In a report released by UNHCR, since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, more than four million Ukrainians have fled the country seeking refuge in neighbouring countries like Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. 

At the forefront of providing healthcare companies for women is Flo, who said that they would provide healthcare services for women fleeing the Ukrainian war. In March, Flo announced the donation of $100,000 to support the Red Cross’ humanitarian mission in war-ravaged Ukraine.

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