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ADHD is less likely to be diagnosed in black women, here’s why


  • Naomi
    Posted May 25, 2021 at 6:00 pm

    This article is such a big eye opener for me.
    I started seeing a therapist (who is clinical psychologist) last year after a botched suicide attempt . I was helpless and hopeless. I felt like a total waste of space who couldn’t get anything down.
    When I did the first 2 sessions and a psychological evaluation I was diagnosed with depression and borderline anxiety.
    I am yet to commence treatment as it is expensive. I mentioned to my therapist along the line that I suspect I have ADHD as I did some research on it and how it affects women in mid 30s. That was when I first saw that it is mostly overlooked and ignored in a girl child.
    This article further confirms what I know but no one is listening to me.
    Thank you for this

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