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Author page: Chisom Anastasia Nwaezuoke

STI in Women And Where To Get Help

Over 1 million STIs are acquired everyday, and 376 million cases are reported annually, according to the WHO. Although they are often used interchangeably,  there is a difference between STI and STD. STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are spread predominantly through sexual contact and cause STDs (Sexually transmitted  diseases). Sexual contact includes vaginal, oral and anal…

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Ada Lovelace

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, was a mathematician and writer popularly known for her contribution to Charles Babbage's Analytical Machine, a proposed mechanical computer. She is regarded as the first computer programmer because she was the first to recognize that Babbage's machine had applications beyond pure calculation and published the first algorithm to be…

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Maya Ghazal

Maya Ghazal is the world's first female Syrian refugee pilot. She is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR. Ghazal advocates for refugee inclusion, access to education and job opportunities using her influence and has ambitions of becoming a commercial airline pilot. Early Life and Education Maya Ghazal is the…

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Aziza Kibibi

Aziza Kibibi Mc-Gill-Ayinde is an American author, activist, speaker, podcaster, and YouTuber. She suffered decades of abuse from her father and is now known for authoring “Unashamed: a life tainted...volumes 1 and 2,” where she recounts her experience with her abusive father. Kibibi is also the founder of Precious Little Ladies Inc. (PLL). This organization…

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What Happens When An All-Women Team Takes On The Criminal Justice System In Nigeria?

In just 2 years, Oluyemi Orija, through her non-profit organization, has secured the release of over 200 inmates pro bono and is committed to filling the gaps in the criminal justice system that leaves citizens exploited and forgotten in prisons. In light of this, this conversation took us through 3 emotional states; first, the obvious…

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